I admit it I'm bad with money. I've always known how to handle finances and get good credit. Unfortunately I have poor willpower and never applied that knowledge. As a result by the time I was married in 2001, I needed to file bankruptcy due to a long list of things like medical bills. I went to Scott and he help my wife and through the process. He was reasonably priced and very knowledgeable in the law. It was an amazingly painless process.

Thanks to his help we got a fresh start and things were great. Within two years we bought our first house and a few years later got our first no interest car loans. Our credit score was nearing 700 only 5 years after the bankruptcy.

Then in 2011, the recession hit and my wife lost her job again. Things went south and we were forced to file another bankruptcy 9 years later. It was heartwrenching to be back in that position again. However, again Scott helped us out. We tried a Chapter 13 first and when we couldn't do that we switched to a Chapter 7.

In all three bankruptcies, Scott was professional, knowledgeable and unbelievably helpful. Filing bankruptcy is a stressful process. I can't stress enough how important it is to have adequate legal representation.

Scott doesn't have a big flashy office or huge advertisements and that's why I like him. As a result he's cheaper than most. Our Chapter 7 was only $699 including his fees and he let us make payments on that.

I hope you don't have to file bankruptcy but if you do, I would recommend Scott Mitchell.

Joseph G.

Scott Mitchell is an excellent lawyer. He's been a big help, always responded on reasonable time all my emails, my phone calls and my questions... I recommend him!

Juan M.

I have unfortunately needed Scott's help a couple of times and he was amazing very kind very helpful. I have since then referred friends and family to him. And I always will he last did my bankruptcy in 2003 and to this day I can still call him for advice.

Lori W.

Very knowledgeable, as well as an attorney who took time with me to go through my rights and any pitfalls that may have occurred. Great to work with.


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